DIRECTOR/OWNERBogotá- Colombia 2004

Hi, I'm Mrs. María Sideris; I've been caring for children for over 20 years. I’m first and foremost a mother, teacher, mentor and a friend. I’m also responsible, patient, caring, understanding, and a chef.  I will provide your child-children the attention they will need each and every day. I taught arts to elementary school children. I owned and operated 2 school Vans and provided transportation for my students. I volunteered at my local hospital helping nurses and social workers care for children of all ages for five years and also volunteered for two years at Hogar Luz y Vida a Colombian Non-profit organization for children with disabilities or terminally ill.
I also owned Buenos Amigos Spanish (The real life way to learn Spanish) and provided for many years Spanish lessons to children and adults. I wrote and edited a Spanish lessons book for beginners. I have a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. Please take a moment to review my Cheapest zovirax

Bogota-Colombia (2003)

I love being with children. I learn every day from them as they do from me. Working with children requires patience, dedication and consistency. It’s a privilege for me as a Teacher/provider to be able to take part in a child’s growth at such an important stage of their lives. I will be ready each day to listen, teach, share and be a helpful  childcare provider in their daily experiences which is an important building block for their future.

Every child that comes to my daycare becomes a member of my family and I care of him/her as they were my own.

Silver Spring MD (2011)Silver Spring MD (2011)

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CIMG5456My name is Michael Sideris. I am Maria's Husband. I was born in Greece. I get alone great with children and I like helping out with their daily activities. We have fun outdoors playing different kind of sports and love to play hide and seek.
Also I love to cook for the children specially using our family extremely rare Pills like viagra in stores
I am an Engineer and work full time  but I am ready to give the teachers a hand as needed.


Steve_Randall I am Sthephen Randall, I have been Buenos Amigos Daycare Music Teacher for Over 5 years. I have been a private lesson and group guitar instructor since 1980. I also have worked as a Children's Chapel song teacher and leader. I play guitar, hammered Dulcimer, Lap Dulcimer, Harmonica, and Ukuleele. I can Demostratye songs on the piano, banjo and Recorder. I have been a professional musician for over 35 years. 
I really enjoy working with infants and toddlers. Music is  very important in early childhood  not only because it brings joy to the children but because it helps in their brain, social and physical development.














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