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Buenos Amigos Daycare is a licensed daycare in the state of Maryland. Our childcare License number is: 161078. Maria Andrea Sideris (Director/owner) has obtained over 500 clock hours of Early Childhood Development training.

90 hours  Early Childhood Education

• ECE 101 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
• ECE 111 Infant & Toddler Theories

45 hours  Infants and Toddlers

• Responsive Care-giving

• Infant/Toddler Crative Curriculum
• Early Emotional Development
• Working with Families
• Early Language
• Early Learning
• Care-giving Routines
• Issues of Quality
• Culturally Responsive Care
• Including Children with Special Needs
• Safe & Healthy Environments

45 hours  Child Care Administration

• Abuse and Neglect

• Friendly environments Safe environments
• Great days with kids
• Creating schedules and Routines
• Conferencing with Parents

30 hours Active or Hyperactive

• Common Traits of Active Alert children
• Strategies for Adult Interactions with active Alert Children
• Land Mines and Learning Styles

•   More Insigths and Strategies


• Helping ADHD children

          25 hours Stress and Daycare

          • Stress

          • Families and Stress
          • Stress in childcare programs
          • Serious Stress in childcare


          20 hours caring for children in your home

          • Be a professional

          • Planning
          • Safety
          • Activities
          • Health
          • A Day Home Business

          20 hours Childcare Administration

          20 hours Parents and Childcare

          • In the beginning

          • The ongoing Teacher-Parent relationship
          • Communicating with Parents

          20 hours Los preescolares en programas de Cuidado y educaciσn Infantil

          16 The Early Childhood Professional

          14 Hours Facilitating Staff Skill Development

          10 hours Let’s play outdoors

          10 hours Children Challenging Behaviors

          10 hours Great Days with Kids: Curriculum and lesson Planning

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          8 hours Language Development in Infats

          6 Hours Medication Administration

          6 hours Helping Children Cope in a Violent World

          6 hours of Friendly Environments, Safe environments

          6 hours Witnesses to Violence

          6 hours Family Diversity

          6 hours Emergency Preparedness

          6 hours Positive Discipline

          6 hours creative Curriculum for children 0-3 years old

          6 hours after School Program

          6 hours Transitions and other troublesome times

          6 hours Imagination at play

          5 hours Conferencing with parents

          5 hours Sanitation for Disease Prevention

          5 hours Health and Hygiene in Childcare Settings

          5 hours Autism Vs ADHD (Module L and ll)

          4 hours Creating Schedules and Routines

          4 hours Safe Spaces in Childcare

          3 hours Including Children with Disabilities (ADA)

          3 hours appropriate Learning Environment Montessori

          3 hours Mixed Age Groups in Early Childhood programs

          3 hours Keeping Infants Safe

          2 hours Creating a wellness plan

          2 hours Menu Planning

          2 hours all about food label

          2 Hours Developmental Screening Overview

          2 hours Nutrition and Physical exercise  for children

          2 hours The importance of fruits and vegetables

          2 hours Child Sexual Abuse: dispelling myths, reducing risk

          2 hours Mastering Menus

          2 hours Food Safety and Sanitation at Home

          2 hours Bitting Hurts

          2 hours The great garden Detective

          2 hours Making it right using fruits and vegetables

          2 hours Fun and Fitness

          1.5 hours An introduction to ASP 3

          1.5 hours Childcare and Covid 19

          1 hour Supporting Breastfeeding in Childcare

          1 hour A joyful life of care giving

          CPR and FIRS AID (updated continuously)



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