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Luz y Vida was founded in 1988 by a Sister Valeriana Garcia Martin, a catholic nun who left the order to open a house in Colombia to care for visually impaired and abandoned children. Because the state support did not meet even the basic needs, Sister Valeriana started a non-profit agency to raise funds. Over the last 19 years, she has built the organization from a few dozen children and a small house in southern Bogotá, to more the 100 children and three houses. One house, which was opened in 2001 cares for only the severely handicapped children and has a doctor and physical therapist on staff at all times. Outside of the three houses where the disabled children live, Sister Valeriana also runs several after school and rehabilitation programs for the neighborhood children. In total, she cares for over 700 children.

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The association of Hogares Luz y Vida depends entirely on charitable donations and voluntary aid to continue their work in caring for these children. They receive no government funding and they need to pay for all the children's medical care, education, food clothing etc. from the money they receive in donations. Without the generous donations of outsiders, Luz y Vida would not be able to continue operating. The homes of light and life are a huge happy family and a place of so much compassion and love.

Hogares Luz y Vida (director: Hermana Valeriana) Calle 7a No. 0-33 este sur, Barrio Vitelma, Bogota, Colombia. Phone 011 571 5659683.

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