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-Reasonable fees and accommodating schedules.

-Prices include 2 Snacks,hot homemade breakfast and lunch cooked with the exceptional Vordonia Athenolia Extra virgin Olive Oil http://vordonia.com.

Infant formula and baby food has to be provided by the parents




7:30 am to 5:30 pm

***Currently we do not have any openings for infants 2 months-23 months***

***Currently we we do not have any openings for children 2-5 years old***

***Infant and Toddler wait list applications are closed for 2021***

***Infant wait list applications are closed for 2022***

At this moment we are ONLY accepting wait list applications for children 2-5 years old full time openings for late summer-fall 2022.


Full Time
$335 per week

Camera fee $5 per week (optional)


Note: This rate ONLY will apply if your child is 2 years or older at the time of registration and is fully potty trained (No pull ups or continuous accidents).

Full Time
$315 per week

Camera fee $5 per week (Optional)



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If MCPS are:

And MCPS Administrative offices are:

Then Buenos Amigos Daycare is:



Open at 8:30 am



Open at 8:30 am



Open at 10:00 am



Open at 10:00 am




Closed early


Closed at 4 pm

In extreme circumstances, Buenos Amigos Daycare may close early due to inclement weather or an emergency, at the discretion of the Director. Please call us before arriving at the program for specific opening and closing times.

If the program closes early, each family will be contacted by phone, text message or email.

Since the closing is product of an emergency due to weather or unsafe circumstances (security threats, bombings or possible attacks) tuition fee
will apply for the day.

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